Surrealist Free-form Exchanges and Audio Commentaries with New-Wave, Post-Punk, Cult and Underground Heroes

Dedicated to The Artful Interview

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 Interviews and Audio Commentary with Post Punk, and Underground heroes such as David J from Bauhaus/Love and Rockets;  Ian Webber of the Tender Idols/The Pets; Pat Fish of The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy; Jeff Calder of the Swimming Pool Q's; DJ Gnosis; Johnny Marr of The Smiths/The The/Electronic; Daniel Lanois; Tim De Laney and Brad Lewis of Kopernik; Glenn Phillips; Tom De Laney of Tragic Plastic; Zollie Maynard; Marty Willson-Piper of The Church; David Greenberger: Creator of the Duplex Planet; Nikki Sudden of the Swell Maps and Jacobites; David Lovering of The Pixies; Patrick Hallahan of My Morning Jacket; James Hall of Mary My Hope with Grant Curry of the Pleasure Club; Tony Levin; and Trevor Tanner of the Bolshoi.


The Madcap Speaks sessions are conducted by Lisa King and DJ Hermes Helena. Collected from 1998 to the present, and ongoing into the future, this  surrealist free-form style of interview allows for a very intimate and unconventional moment to be shared by both the reader and the artist. Stay tuned for Podcast information for DJ Hermes Helena, who spins darkwave, goth, post-punk and industrial in Atlanta, Ga. 



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